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  • Residential Complex "Preobrazhenie"
    Residential Complex "Preobrazhenie"
  • "Oasis" multi-functional Complex
    "Oasis" multi-functional Complex
  • Shopping-entertainment complex "Kaleidoskop"
    Shopping-entertainment complex "Kaleidoskop"
  • Olimpiiskii Tower - Hotel and offices
    Olimpiiskii Tower - Hotel and offices
  • Multifunctional Complex "Smolensky passage-2"
    Multifunctional Complex "Smolensky passage-2"
  • Multifunctional Business Complex "Pilugina"
    Multifunctional Business Complex "Pilugina"
  • Skolkovo Business Center "Gallery"
    Skolkovo Business Center "Gallery"
  • Skolkovo Major
    Skolkovo Major
  • Multifunctional Multi-Modal Hub
    Multifunctional Multi-Modal Hub
  • Bank building
    Bank building
  • Administrative Building
    Administrative Building
  • Administrative-office complex "Integral"
    Administrative-office complex "Integral"
  • Office Complex "Burevestnik"
    Office Complex "Burevestnik"
  • Business Center "Bernikov"
    Business Center "Bernikov"
  • Shopping mall "Petrovsky"
    Shopping mall "Petrovsky"
  • Shopping Mall "Smolensky Passage-1"
    Shopping Mall "Smolensky Passage-1"
  • Interior Renovation of the Shopping Center "Festival"
    Interior Renovation of the Shopping Center "Festival"
  • Boutiques "Ferre Milano", "Richmond", "DVF", "Agent Provocateur"
    Boutiques "Ferre Milano", "Richmond", "DVF", "Agent Provocateur"
  • Pedestrian and Shopping Bridge
    Pedestrian and Shopping Bridge
  • Wholesale Depot with Offices
    Wholesale Depot with Offices
  • Multifunctional Warehouse Complex
    Multifunctional Warehouse Complex