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PROCONS was found in 2001 by professionals with a vast experience in the sector of international construction. After many years spent as top managers of leading brands of the construction market we had the belief that by joining our skills we could fill a gap in the sphere and differentiate from the majority.
We emphasized that being “client oriented” and having effective “hands-on management“, we could be distinguished among our competitors. We believe that “as we keep these principles above others all the rest would come” – meaning growth, profitability, recognition and other measures of market success.
As we approach to the completion of our first decade of an active competition in the market, the growth achieved after starting from scratch is the best evidence of the principles correctness on which we built our business. Nowadays, PROCONS is a general contractor with more than 2300 employees and a total area of completed and on-going projects above 1.3 million square meters.
Regardless of such numeric indicators, in such a bottom-line-oriented business like construction, client satisfaction and repeat contracts signed as a result of it has always been a key factor for us. 
The founders of the company are still fully engaged in the daily operations of the business. Our clients always feel the privilege of accessibility of the PROCONS’s owners who are always ready to listen to their problems and doing their best to solve it.  On one hand we provide our clients with the power, knowledge and reliability of working with an international general contractor, on the other, with the flexibility, accessibility and mobility of a local company. 
We extend the set of services we provide based on our client’s needs. Our portfolio features projects of all sizes and complexities. From interior renovation to complex fast-track design and build projects we spend utmost efforts to implement ideas of our consumers.
Our target for the future decades will still be the same: “Securing our future by moving forward the interests and success of our clients” and we will continue to carry out our commitments to create and maintain long term relationships with our clients. 
This credo together with our enthusiasm, our passion and dedication to the job will be setting us apart from the competition in those economically turbulent times.